1. Get a Roomba (or similar robot vacuum).
  2. Hire people to clean your house.
  3. If you're getting nose surgery, shave your moustache the night before.
  4. When I'm looking to work with someone, I'm looking for 1) someone that does what they say they're going to do 2) who can do what I want them to do and 3) will be reasonably pleasant to work with.
  5. On your mountain bike, get the longest dropper post that can fit.
  6. I agree with Andrej Karpathy: if you work in ML, you need to understand backprop. The best way is to write your own implementation from scratch. It really does help your intuition.
  7. When hot waxing skis, use much less wax than you think you need.
  8. When hot waxing skis, if your edges have recently been tuned, wear gloves. I have 3 bandaids on my fingers.
  9. Never buy an AC unit; spend the extra money and get the equivalent heat pump.
  10. Don't buy a road bike unless you're planning to race. Buy a gravel bike. Make sure it can fit at least 40mm, and preferably 50mm, tires.