Requests for startups


These are ideas that I think should be startups. If you're interested in starting these companies, please do so; if you're looking for an advisor/investor, reach out.

Continual learning systems

Reinforcement learning has become ridiculously better in the last 5 years. What new applications are enabled by this? I think they must have the properties:

Any system that meets these properties is ripe for disruption.

Laboratory science productivity

An investment thesis in tech posits that the number of developers is small, and the number of skilled developers is even smaller, so any technology that can make existing developers more productive is ridiculously valuable. This is true for many other professions. The laboratory sciences, in particular, are hard to recruit for, requiring many years of advanced education to do.

What's more- the amount of testing we do is severely limited by cost. If we could make it 100x cheaper to run lab tests, we'd probably run 100x more (maybe 1000x more). That would be transformative for our health!